A cropped brindle male Boxer called Cajan.
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Conner winning best of opposite under judge Virginia Lyne.
Conner winning best of opposite under judge Virginia Lyne.

Can Champion Bracara’s Conner CD TT

Breeders: Bracara, perm reg'd [ Saskatchewan, Canada ]
Dave and Patti Gilmour

Sire: Champion Bracara’s Anchorman
Dam: Champion Bracara’s Dark Dawn

Birthdate: 24 August 1987
Deathdate: 21 July 1994
Height: 25 ¾ inches
Weight: 65 pounds

Colour: brindle
Awards: high in class Novice A (1989)
Titles: Canadian championship, Companion Dog obedience designation, Temperament Test certification.

Pedigree (in PDF)

About Conner . . .
Conner was our first Boxer. He was named after the main character in the movie called The Highlander – Conner MacLeod (an immortal). Purchased as a pet from a local breeder, Conner was a fantastic introduction to the breed. He went everywhere with us and did everything that we asked of him, especially at dog shows. Conner is Patti’s hero as she considers him to be Dave’s lifesaver. Read more as to why in this article (PDF) written by Patti.

Conner’s show career . . .
Conner and Dave learned about handling and dog shows the hard way, meaning that they did it together, learning what they needed to along the way. Both were very much novices. They learned all about such strange terms as stacking and baiting, gaiting and patterns, presentation and showmanship. It was a fun time, and one to be treasured.

  • In September 1988, Conner obtained his Canadian Championship.
  • In August 1989, Conner earned his Companion Dog title, with an average score of 190.5.
  • In September 1992, Conner earned his Temperament Test certification.

Conner at various stages in his life . . .

Conner at 12 weeks.
Conner at 12 weeks.
Conner as a mature adult.
Conner as a mature adult.
Conner relaxing in the grass.
Conner relaxing in the grass.