A cropped brindle male Boxer called Nytro.

About Zaracon
Zaracon Boxers, reg'd dates back to 1987. The prefix, Zaracon, is a combination of letters taken from the call names of our first two Boxers, Conner and Kenzie, plus the prefix of the kennel (i.e. Bracara) who bred them. Conner and Kenzie are the two dogs used in our print-based logo as shown in our stationery, kennel cards, and pedigrees. It is a black ink drawing done by Saskatchewan artist and bird enthusiast, Trevor Herriot. (Trevor is also the author of the award-winning book, "River in a Dry Land".) This logo was made into the watermark that you see in the right-hand column of this web page.

As members of the Canadian Kennel Club, the Boxer Club of Canada, the American Boxer Club, and the Regina Humane Society, Dave and Patti Gilmour are avid Boxer fans (it is their only breed), responsible dog owners and serious breeders.

The Gilmour's passion and dedication to their dogs is obvious to anyone who meets them. They take pride in their selective breeding program – it includes health testing, temperament testing, and a lifetime commitment to their puppies (and their families).

More about Dave . . .

Dave is the Vice President of the Regina-based Prairie Canine Academy (an all-breed dog show club) and the President of the Boxer Club of Canada. Besides breeding, training, and showing his own Boxers, Dave is a licensed dog show judge with the Canadian Kennel Club. He has, on occasion, taught puppy socialization and novice obedience classes, and performed the duties of obedience ring steward, obedience chairperson, and show superintendent at dog shows, trials and fun matches.

More about Patti . . .
  Patti is very much "behind the scenes" when compared to Dave. She researches / studies pedigrees, keeps track of breeding records and show results, and prepares the household for the occasional litter of Zaracon Boxer puppies. In the early 1990s, Patti was the Dogs in Canada, Breedlines Columnist for Boxers on behalf of the Boxer Club of Canada. As well, she has written a few articles that were published in the international (breed specific) magazine called "The Boxer Review". Unfortunately, after forty some years, the magazine is no longer published. Currently, Patti is the Membership Chair for the Boxer Club of Canada.